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At Signet Circle we use two different methods of creating signet rings.

Die Stamped Signet Rings

All of our die stamped signet rings are made in England and have Birmingham hallmarks indicating that they are authentic and of the highest standard.  They are made from highly compressed precious metal that has been struck with enormous pressure using a die in the shape of the signet ring.  This process compresses the signet ring metal even further providing a highly dense precious metal that is then forged by one of our skilled goldsmiths into a beautiful balanced signet ring that will last a lifetime and more.  

Casting Signet Rings

Casting techniques and equipment are these days of very high standard and the quality of our cast rings are precise and free of any faults or defects.  Casting rings is an age old technique and by incorporating the modern technique of CAD (computer aided design) our goldsmiths and casters can interpret a unique design idea into a very beautiful one of a kind object.