Ring Sizer


These days a signet ring can be worn on any finger.  Traditionally the right hand is favoured, leaving the left hand free for a wedding band. 

Finding the correct finger size for your ring order is extremely important.

We regrettably cannot accept any responsibility for a mis-ordered ring. 

There are a number of ways to ensure you have correctly sized your finger and we have listed them below.

Multisizer Ring Sizer - SHOP

This plastic multi sizer ring gauge is ideal for self finger sizing.  Each gauge is packaged individually in an instruction envelope.  The multi sizer works like a belt, forming a ring and then placing over the finger, adjust to give a comfortable fit.  Then read off the indicated size to determine your finger size.



Call into any reputable jeweller who will happily measure your finger ring size - best explain that it is for a wider style ring that you are looking to wear.

Often fingers are measured using a thin band finger measure called a Wheatsheaf gauge which is fine if the intended shank is quite thin.  Make sure the Wheatsheaf gauge ring band slides over your finger, especially your knuckle.  There needs to be a bit of resistance getting the band off, especially if your hands are very warm.  The letter/number quoted will be unique to that finger only.  Hands and fingers are often slightly different.

A signet ring is wider than most rings so it is a good idea to order a half - full size larger than a slim width band.  If your fingers have a tendency to swell in summer it is important to keep this in mind when determining your ring size.



In order to determine your ring size, print out our RING SIZER. pdf and follow the instructions.

Make sure your printer is set to print at 100%
You can also visit your local jeweller who will willingly size your finger for you.